InterConnectedness 12-12-12 Manifesto

On December 12, we invite people, organizations, businesses, and communities – fellow human beings around the world – to celebrate World Day of InterConnectedness. On this day, starting at noon in every time zone and continuing for 24 hours, let us together share one dream, one heart and one intention with an infinite variety of expressions.

A New Understanding of the World as Interconnected

Despite many global challenges, there are also great reasons for hope and celebration. Our human family has travelled through three ages – as hunters/gatherers, farmers and as industrial societies – to gather all the experience needed, and to finally arrive at a new understanding of our world. Today, modern science confirms what indigenous cultures never forgot: The universe does not function as a huge machine with separate parts, as we believed in the industrial age with its mechanistic worldview. Rather, it consists of whole, interconnected, living systems which we are all part of – we are related to everyone and everything else: Each other, Nature and even future generations. In this worldview, everything we do matters, everything affects everything else in unpredictable ways!

A Celebration of the Great Turning to a Sustainable Future

This is good news, because this new understanding has the power to guide us from being a destructive presence on our planet, to co-creating a sustainable, just and fulfilling human presence, integrated in the living planetary system - an Earth Community. Humanity is not a hopeless species; evolution has given us the gift of learning and changing. And change follows naturally and effortlessly when we shift our worldview – our dream of the world. In fact, this Great Turning is already happening! Millions of individuals, groups, organizations and whole countries are adopting new behaviors, policies and actions in accordance with the new worldview. This co-creative revolution is still below the radar of media at large – but nothing is as powerful as an idea whose time has come! This is worth celebrating.

Involve Your Home, Neighborhood, Organization…

Join the celebration wherever you are and whatever you are doing, in a small way or big way. It could be at 12:12 local time, the whole hour, in the evening or throughout the day. Involve your home, school, neighborhood, organization, business or community. Find your own way of telling the story that we are all interconnected and interdependent: Create a ceremony with a candle and a song (a “minute of peace”), hand out flowers to strangers, eat an organic lunch, plant a tree or a garden, participate in a seminar to learn more, arrange a concert, dedicate your business profit to charity, eradicate all waste for a day (it is possible!), choose fair trade or locally produced goods and services (maybe even a community bank?), make conscious energy choices, endorse Rights of Nature in the city plan…

There is an infinite number of possibilities to participate, and there is no wrong way as long as the intention is to celebrate our interconnectedness. Use your creativity and co-create with others!

Make a difference – sign on today!

Let the world know that you will participate in the interconnectedness celebration on December 12, and spread the invitation to others. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to co-create and be part of a truly unique global event. Even if you are already planning an event you can make it visible here as well, this project is all about diversity and inclusiveness. Today, when humanity is confronted by so many challenges regarding how to live in harmony with ourselves, each other, nature and future generations, we really need the energy of common celebration and vision. And what could be more worth celebrating than the transition from the mechanistic worldview to the interconnected worldview!

And Finally, remember…

The challenges of our time are tremendous, but the possibilities are even greater. Let’s spend one day focusing on the hopeful futures that are emerging – and use the challenges as fuel for our passion to turn these possibilities into reality. The more we nurture that sprouting hope, the more it will grow!

The great news is out – all is, in fact, ONE – now let´s make sure it reaches everyone, everywhere!

About Celebrate 121212 - World Day of InterConnectedness

Celebrate 121212 – World Day of InterConnectedness is carried out as a collaboration between the Co-Creative Initiative in Sweden, founded by Maria-Conchita and Niklas Högberg, and the InterConnectedness Foundation in the Netherlands, founded by Leo Sonneveld, Nanke Lavrijsen and Rob Westerhout. Through educational programs based on latest science and ancient wisdom, participatory initiatives and events, as well as collaboration with indigenous cultures, the two movements strive to create awareness about interconnectedness and to empower people everywhere to co-create a sustainable, just and fulfilling world for all – locally and globally.

While the intiative is non-profit, non-political and non-religious, it is inclusive and open to any organization, company or individual wishing to share and contribute to the purpose of the day. World Day of InterConnectedness will continue to be celebrated on December 12 each year. By organising a global 24 hour event with a focus and concentration on celebrating interconnectedness, we manifest and attract more of what we want on a global scale: A greater sense of interconnectedness as a foundation for a world that works for all life – A shift from separation to oneness, a shift from I-llness to WE-llness.

On a personal level, the founders’ passion for the 121212 project goes back many years. Through the InterConnectedness initiative, Leo has carried out World Day of InterConnectedness every year since 09-09-09. Niklas happens to celebrate his 50th birthday on 121212 and has always felt that this unique date is about something bigger than his own anniversary since so many people around the world share the same calendar. This fact alone makes it a perfect opportunity to celebrate interconnectedness. But there is more to it…

Since the number 12 symbolizes completion (a full cycle), the 121212 initiative also takes into account that the date coincides with a bigger shift in human consciousness which is emerging under the radar of our mainstream media, carried out by millions of organizations and people: The transition from the worldview of the industrial age, in which the world appeared as a big machine with separate parts, to the understanding of the world as living, interconnected systems. This marks the completion of the third major era of humanity, after the hunter-gatherer age and the agricultural age.

All transitions bring challenges; today they are greater than ever – ecologically, socially, economically, culturally and spiritually – and to meet them constructively we need the energy of vision, appreciation and celebration. This can remind us that even if the challenges of our times are tremendous, the possibilities are even greater.

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About the Co-Creative Initiative

The Co-Creative Initiative was founded in Stockholm, Sweden, in 2010. The purpose is to empower people in the North as well as in the South to develop the vision, commitment and tools needed to take action and co-create a sustainable, just and fulfilling world for all – locally and globally.

Through educational programs based on latest science and ancient wisdom, participatory initiatives and events, as well as collaboration with indigenous cultures, the Initiative creates opportunity for people to respond proactively to the environmental, social and existential crises of our times and participate as change agents in the Great Turning from the mechanistic worldview of the modern age to an interconnected worldview.

Among the programs are:

The Awakening the Dreamer symposium (Be The Change), carried out in partnership with the Pachamama Alliance (www.pachamama.org) and Be The Change Europe http://www.bethechangeinitiative.org. Through dynamic group interactions, leading edge information, and inspiring multimedia, the symposium invites you to reconnect with your deep concern for our world, and be inspired and empowered to make a difference. It explores the current state of our planet from a new perspective, and connects participants with a powerful global movement to reclaim our future.

Re:Vision – Redefining Success, a program offered to businesses in collaboration with Terra Institute (http://www.terra-institute.eu/en.html) and Höllbachhof Foundation in Germany (http://www.hoellbachhof.net/en). Entrepreneurs all around the world are recognizing that a new economic paradigm is being born. What makes companies successful and how we define success is fundamentally changing. Until now, corporate responsibility for social and environmental issues, as well as a personal quest for meaning, was assumed to be incompatible with increasing returns. However, these are now revealing themselves as the decisive factors for success in the 21st century, enabling and empowering sustainable profit.

Empowerment of Indigenous Leadership through educational programs about indigenous wisdom traditions, among them the Andean Q’ero culture, and support of initiatives such as a gathering with the Sámi people in northern Scandinavia together with the International Council of Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers in 2013 (http://www.grandmotherscouncil.org, http://www.aurorasring.se/In_English_.html). An intention for the future is to empower indigenous people of the South to preserve their lands and culture.

About the InterConnectedness Foundation

The organization behind the World Day of Interconnectedness (WDI) on 090909, 101010, 111111 and 121212 started as a private grass roots initiative in December 2006. WDI 2012 is carried out in collaboration between the Interconnectedness Foundation and the Co-Creative Initiative.

Join the global celebration on 121212:

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The Interconnectedness Foundation was established on April 14, 2010 (confirmed on June 21, 2010). The officially registered name is Interconnectedness Stichting – a non profit NGO in the Netherlands. The charity status (ANBI) allowing for tax-deductible donations has been officially confirmed by the Dutch Tax Authorities.

The purpose of the Interconnectedness Foundation is to stimulate an environmentally sustainable, (spiritually) fulfilling and socially just human presence worldwide, mainly by increasing and connecting the awareness of interconnectedness. We welcome donations of any size. Bank account: with Triodos Bank, Zeist, The Netherlands. IBAN code: NL45TRIO0390497754.

Interconnectedness Foundation Ning Website: http://interconnectedness.ning.com/

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Our board

Leo L. Sonneveld MBA, Chair

Leo Sonneveld (1959) from the Netherlands is married and has two adult sons. He holds a Master degree in Business Administration and has more than 30 years of business experience in the Financial Industry, Government, Trade and Industry, Education, Business Consultancy and Healthcare.In 1999 he founded Consultancy firm Human Treasures® working as (Executive) coach, consultant and facilitator with the mission to ignite a shift from Human Resource Management to Human Treasures Leadership.His CSR work includes Awakening the Dreamer Changing the Dream / Be The Change programs which he introduced in the Netherlands in December 2006. This provided him with the inspiration to initiate and organize the first World Day of Interconnectedness on 9 September 2009.On a personal level he enjoyed a wide variety of personal- and spiritual development programs. His purpose for 2012 is that we, the people, enjoy a world that works for all life with Peace and Prosperity Permanently. His key value is integrity.

Ir Nanke W. Lavrijsen, Treasurer

Nanke Lavrijsen (1976) from the Netherlands has a degree in Industrial Engineering and Management from the University of Twente. After starting her career in the supply chain discipline she embarked on a journey to follow her dreams.Born and raised in Africa (Kenya, Cape Verde, Zimbabwe), she chose to return to that continent to experience the earth energy and life force that she remembered from her youth. As a tourguide she travelled extensively through Southern and East Africa before settling for a year in South Africa to set up a retreat centre on a Nature Reserve. It was there, in the wild and rugged environment that her connection with nature was re-established.Since then the interconnectedness of all life has been a central theme in her life. She brings the theme to life in her work as a trainer, coach and facilitator and in her CSR work for the Awakening the Dreamer Changing the Dream / Be The Change  program which she facilitates together with Leo.On a personal level Nanke has participated in several personal and spiritual development programs and she is currently a student at the ‘School voor Zijnsorientatie’.

Drs Rob Westerhout, Secretary

Rob Westerhout (1962) from the Netherlands has a degree in biology from Utrecht University. He has worked as a coach in the field of education and preventive medicine, and as an author of educational material.In 1996 he embarked on a new career and started a building company called “Bouwbedrijf Het Rijke Leven” (“The Full Life Building Company”). The aim of this company is helping people to realize their dreams. Key words are quality and service.In 2005 he introduced a method called The Heart Circle in which men and women share their innermost experiences. In 2009 he founded the Practice for Passion Workshops to help people regain and expand their passions. On 09/09/09 he met Leo and Nanke, and he decided to support The World Day of Interconnectedness.On a personal level Rob is engaged in “creating your own reality”.He is taking and giving courses in this field. One of his sources is the book “Conversations with God”. With its author Neal Donald Walsh he took an intensive course on the subject.Rob’s philosophy is “always look on the bright side of life”. “Being interconnected with Nature, people and the spiritual dimension makes life far more interesting”.

Become a Partner of the Initiative – Endorsements

When this initiative resonates with you we kindly invite you to become a partner and contribute in a way that best meets your possibilities and preference. Examples of support for which we are equally grateful:

  • contribute by devoting some of your time and passion like Human Treasures, Q-Search, O’Neil Consult
  • contribute by applying your expertise in a specific area like Kennedy van der Laan
  • contribute by offering to use your real estate/venue like Seats2meet, Beukenrode
  • contribute by activating your network for promotion like 4YearsGo
  • contribute financially by making a tax deductible donation
  • contribute by any desired combination of the above like I.K.-ID / Spiegel Seminars, Center for Servant Leadership & Coaching

The charity status (ANBI) allowing for tax-deductible donations has been officially confirmed by the Dutch Tax Authorities.

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