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12.12.12 ~ Planetary Wide Forgiveness Meditation ~ Crystalline Grid Activation Public


Event Description

*12.12.12 Marks The The Full Activation Of The Multi-Dimensional 144 Crystalline Grid that Encompasses Our Mother, Earth *

… This… Is… YOUR… Time… To Shine!

As a result of this activation the Earth will be flooded with more Divine Feminine Energy than we have ever known before on the path towards this Ascension.

We NOW have a tremendous opportunity to uplift our individual and collective consciousness to be in balance with our Beloved Mother Earth as she raises her foundation to the 5th Dimension. She is taking with Her all those that are willing to let go of all that does not serve them in their greatest good by passing through the Christ/Crystalline Gateway into the Higher Realms of Unconditional Love. We are creating Unity (or Christ) Consciousness, where all of life is in Balance and Peace. We welcome the return of the Higher Aspects of the Ma-Ray… the Divine Mother Ray of Light… the Creative Holy Spirit.

It is time for both the Divine Feminine Warrior and the Divine Nurturer to stand strong as the leader on the cutting edge of Our Evolution. To mark this turning point in the evolution of Our planet, our Earth Mother, let us join together in Joy and Forgiveness… Forgive and Release all energies that no longer serve our greater good. This is our most powerful opportunity to truly Heal our Selves and our Mother Planet with the highest help from the Heavenly Realms of Love.

We are all here to uplift the planet… Forgiveness is the way… Unconditional Love towards All Beings… and yes, especially those that have caused hardship upon this planet… they are the ones that need our Compassion, Forgiveness and Unconditional Love the most. Let us break the cycle of Judgment.. of Duality…. Let us Forgive.

*Merging into the 144-Crystal GRID*

“We accept readily that we are energetic beings surrounded by a potent electromagnetic field. We chose to be part of the ascension process and the ascension of the living Gaia. We channel inward great flows of cosmic divine energy with the capacity to direct this light outward through directed meditative thought for the highest good.

By unifying our energies in synchronized ecstatic states we form a powerful light vortex. This energy can cleanse, brighten, energize and activate each one of us, according to our intent and flow. Our intent is light of the highest order, transferred to the new grid, the new crystal matrix of Gaia…the 144-Crystal vibration.” (Metatron)

*144 Crystalline Grid Activation Mediation*

The exercise for energy connection, transferal and activation of the ascension grid is as follows:

1. Find a place to sit or lie comfortably. If in a group form a triangle or circle, whichever feels appropriate. open the ceremony in whatever way resonates with you, e.g. honoring the four directions.
2. Breathe very deeply and rhythmically.
3. Visualize Diamond White Light energy coming down through a pillar of Unconditional Love from the Cosmic Heart of the Mother/Father God, down through your crown chakra, through your whole body, purifying, cleansing and energizing all your chakras and every level of your energy field – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.
4. Balance the energy in your heart.
5. Send the corridor of light energy through your root, down through the Earth star, into the Crystalline Heart (core) of Mother Earth.
6. From the core of the earth visualize the white light energy flashing into an infinity of light frequencies feeding into the Crystalline 144 Ascension grid.
7. Experience the ecstasy, and allow it flow thru you, allow the frequency of your body and mind to meld into & adjust to the frequency of the 144 Crystalline Grid.”
8. Focus your attention and intention in your Heart Chakra, the seat of your Balance and Peace. Feel Forgiveness for All BEings flooding from your Heart into the Crystalline Heart of Mother Earth, flooding out into the world through the grid.

*Community Gatherings*

There is great power in numbers. The collective BEing more than the sum of it’s parts. The Vision and Divine Plan of Spirit is to connect communities together multidimensionally through the grid, grounding spiritual energies into the physical plane. Each community/group becomes a gateway to the grid, expanding the reach of Divine Healing Power being sent to the planet, engulfing the whole planet in Divine Love frequencies.


Here at Isis Oasis, in Geyserville California we will be activating our Energy Gateway in Sacred Ceremony at 12:12pm… participating in the above meditation, followed by crystal sound healing… sharing healing and forgiveness with our Beloved Gaia and all sentient BEings upon her. We are anticipating the magical high vibration this will bring forth with immense joy.

If not now, when?
If not you, Who?
If not here, Where?

The time is now to create The Way of Peace… by connecting with the Web of Life (the Crystalline Grid)… And through this Web of Life We, Together….

*Create and Share Prosperity and Abundance*
*Speak, Do and Radiate Truth*
*Uplift The Lives Of Each Other… The All Are Connected*

We invite you to join together with us as One Family in groups from 2 to 200,000 during the opening of the sacred portal on 12.12.12… there are infinite possibilities.

On 12.12.12 we are streaming the pure Love of Forgiveness through ourselves and into the grid for distribution across the WHOLE world. We are Peace. We are Balance. We are Whole.

Forgiveness is the Key.

“If this is done at a sacred site, powerpoint or grid point, visualize receiving this energy and then connecting it through your heart to other sacred sites , and back into the Ascension grid. Visualize weaving the vertice points of the geodesic sphere.

Through our creation and transfer of diamond-light, joyous energy into the Crystalline 144 Ascension Grid, we simultaneously activate ourselves to be in oneness, alignment and in frequential unity with the heightened energy of ascension. As such we are better enabled to flow with the quickening energies of the ascending planet. We become loving, channeling columns of light, we connect as one synergetic beam of ecstasy. Each participant is a vortex, a point of light on the globe, one with another, one with the ascension. Creating, co-creating the frequency of the New Planet Earth toward the highest good. We are a microcosm of the macrocosm, a point of light in the bursting infinity of light. We are love, and are loved. We become part of the 144,000. We are the rapture, the ecstasy !” (Metatron thru James Tyberonn)

*** <<>>***

Love, Light, Joy and the Greatest Good for All
Peace Be With You, You Are Dearly Loved ♥ Hz

~♥~ The Way Of Peace ~♥~

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