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Life is Energy – Cherish It! A Day of Conscious Energy Choices , Hong Kong Public


Event Description

On 12-12-12, we will dedicate ourselves to exploring our energy choices, what they tell us about ourselves and our intentions, and how we can choose in a more fulfilling way.

To spend energy wisely is a celebration of our interconnectedness. Each choice is an opportunity to consider the effect of the action in a wider context: Do we act as if there is more than one Earth, or do we choose alternatives that respect the limits and value all life? What are the transports, food, goods and services with least energy impact? Can we give away quality time instead of a present? Do we use shopping as a distraction or an escape from awkward feelings? Can we just be present instead? This is a great way to explore what is really important and to learn about ourselves!


See The Video  http://youtu.be/YdfiAg4jADg

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