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Ceremonies at Lake Titicaca for a new time of life, based on LOVE Puno , Peru Public


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In the ceremonies we will show our gratitude for life, connect with a new dream for humanity and to reactivate the Solar Disk – to connect with our Inner Sun, the Central Sun and the Sun behind the Sun.

Finally, the light of our coming cosmic alignment is upon us! December of 2012 is soon upon us and we within it. It is here and now when we remember who and what we are as well as the true purpose of our lives.

In times of shift, and times of infinite power, the ancient places of power call to us to become pilgrims to their presence, to the gifts and openings that they have to share. We will go to the temples of the Ascended Masters where they reside in the ethereal planes. On 12-12-12 we will perform ceremonies at Lake Titicaca.

In this new cycle we have chosen to be together as a collective of many consciousnesses as we unite with the Divine Mother and her flame in the Sacred Lake Titicaca where in communion we dream forth the divine flame within each of us, in all others, and in our planet Earth as well.

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Start Date: Dec 12, 2012 - 12:12End Date: Dec 12, 2012Place: Taquile Island, Puno, PeruCategories: 3d-Learning from Elders & Nature, 6d-Spirituality/Meditation, Related Events: Ceremonies at Lake Titicaca for a new time of life, based on LOVE,
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