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Cultivating Inner Peace for Global Oneness Pune , India Public


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On 12-12-12, we will create an opportunity to  pause, listen and become present to the beauty of our interconnected world! As we gently awaken to the Peace that we are at our core, we will see how we all are deeply connected and  One.

Millions of daily practitioners of Yoga, Tai Chi, Mindfulness and similar disciplines have reached the same conclusion: In our daily lives we have a tendency to lose ourselves in stressful habits such as consuming more than we really need. To pause and just become present  to Peace is a great way of connecting with ourselves,other people  and the surrounding world. As Peace,we  allow ourselves to marvel at another human being, an animal or just a small leaf in the forest. We view everything we encounter without and within as a gift in disguise. Then we really can see and feel the interconnectedness of all beings. We begin to be, see and playfully work for Global Oneness.

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Start Date: Dec 12, 2012 - 12:00End Date: Dec 12, 2012 - 12:12Place: Pune, IndiaCategories: 6-HEALTH & INNER BALANCE THEME, 6d-Spirituality/Meditation, Related Events: Cultivating Inner Peace for Global Oneness,

Event Updates

Good morning!  Welcome to this beautiful moment of Celebrating our Interconnectedness. Here is what you have to do : Click a little before 12 noon local time on the link shown at More info:  just below the Event Description.  This will take you to a guided meditation called "I Am Peace"  (on  Soundcloud).  Click on the Play button at 12:00 noon. Enjoy the Meditation   for 12 minutes and 12 seconds.   Some suggestions for you:
  • Use this guided Meditation as a starting point for your events
  • Reflect with friends on how they  about Being Peace, and what this remembrance might do for a more Interconnected World
  • Use this  guided Meditation as a trigger for your own journalling on the question : What can I do to express my Peacefulness and Understanding of Oneness in Life? In my own Life? In my family? Neighbourhood? Workplace?
  • Any other creative ways of celebrating Peace that you can come up with  !
  This Guided Meditation will remain online even after 12.12.12. You can make listening to it a  daily practice, or use it to remind yourself of who you already are. Have a great Now, every Now! Love and Blessings from all of us at Pragati Leadership. Peace, Love,Wholeness    
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