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Culture and the brain: Learning our way towards Interconnectedness Public


Event Description

Although many questions still remain unanswered, scientific brain research reveals more and more how our brain works, for instance about the social and emotional modules and neural networks of our brain.

What are the possibilities and challenges of these brain functions when it comes to interconnectedness?
The knowledge about our brain certainly helps us to know ourselves better, and at the same time, to learn in a better way about the other! Equally, the new insights shed light on how we may best deal with‘strangers’ (the ‘outgroup‘) with whom we feel emotionally distant. Could they become part of our in-group?

After all, we are all human beings with a longing for interconnectedness!

About the presenters:
As an independent researcher/lecturer/consultant, Steven Scheer (Ph.D.) brings knowledge to a higher level. Seeking it, making sense of it, sharing it. He specialized in cross cultural communication, brain based learning and interactive project design. For more information connect with http://www.linkedin.com/pub/steven-scheer/4/652/444 or @ScheerSteven on twitter.

Yvonne van der Pol (M.A.) is an experienced certified trainer/coach specialized in cross cultural communication. She has a broad international working experience. Her passion is to support professionals in bridging cultures by improving their intercultural competencies. For more information connect with http://nl.linkedin.com/pub/yvonne-van-der-pol/7/863/b52 or @yvonnevanderpol.

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