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December 2012 Celestial Events Las Vegas , United States Public


Event Description

New Moon & Trinity activation of the planetary 12 facets of crystalline grid system,
12 dimensions of Earth and the 12 strands of the DNA.
Ancient Teachings, Pranayam, Kriyas, Meditation & LIVE Gong.

We are in the heart of an extraordinary series of celestial events, a cosmic interplanetary consciousness activation cycle.


Q: What does this mean?

A: December 2012 will bring a huge energy shift to the planet, and some people’s nervous systems & glandular system may not be strong enough to handle it. A certain amount of prep work needs to be done in order to be in sync with this higher energy field. It is the beginning of a new dimension of possibilities for those of us who are willing to work together towards a conscious change on the planet!


We’ve been waiting for years, maybe lifetimes. This is the time to get together & celebrate. December is the month of rebirth, the time to grow, expand and experience group consciousness.


More info:
Start Date: Dec 12, 2012 - 06:00End Date: Dec 12, 2012 - 08:00Place: 3199 E. Warm Springs RoadCategories: 2-COMMUNITY EVENT, 3a-Seminar/Learning about Interconnectedness, 6c-Exercise/Movement, 6d-Spirituality/Meditation, Related Events: December 2012 Celestial Events ,
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