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Doing Good through Business and Education Cairo , Egypt Public


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On 12-12-12, we will focus our businesses at SEKEM and education at SEKEM and Heliopolis University on “giving back” to the world in as many ways as possible, and thus manifesting the spirit of Doing Good through Business and Education.
To own and run a business and a university provides many opportunities to serve an interconnected world and future generations. To look at the business and university as part of an interconnected eco system means to learn how to eliminate waste, how disposals can lay the ground for new business ideas, how to do fair trade in a global context, how to use part of the profit for bringing hope to the world, how to treat suppliers, employees and customers as equals… And how to have a wider purpose than just making money, so that social and environmental responsibility, as well as fulfillment, become key factors for success.

Start Date: Dec 12, 2012 - 12:12End Date: Dec 12, 2012Place: Belbeis Desert Str. 3Categories: 8a-Sustainable Business, CSR, Social Entrepreneurs, 8b-Participatory Companies/Cooperatives, Related Events: Doing Good through Business and Education,
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