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Drawing attention to the Rights of Nature and THE EARTH IS MY BODY , Romania Public


Event Description

On 12-12-12, we will celebrate our connectedness to Nature through drawing attention to the Rights of Nature in our community.
In an interconnected world, we understand our connection to Nature and the need to respect and protect natural eco systems. Ecuador was the first country in the world to endorse Rights of Nature in its constitution – as historical as human rights ever were. In this way, Nature is viewed not only as a “something” to own but as “someone” to respect, a legal being with its own voice and the right to be defended in court.

Taking care of our bodies is the first step of taking care of MOTHER EARTH. In this event, we are going to learn to tools to take care of our bodies (from emotional expression, forgiveness, and raw food diet) in  order:

1. Detox the body, so that we have clear minds, and are able to feel our inter-connectiveness on a somatic level

2. Have the optimum physical energy so that we can take action in the world, and get involved in the projects we love

3. Learn to choose to be happy and grateful so that we can appreciate the Natural World and the gifts of Pachamama (Mother Earth).

By spending the afternoon with us, you’ll also learn about the effects of stress on our endocrine system (dr. Magda Corcau), and also how to prepare together a raw food dinner (with the owner of Carol Parc Hotel, Sylvia Petre).

Alexandra Postelnicu, the Executive President of Pachamama Romania is going to talk about the relationships between taking care of our bodies and taking care of Mother Earth.

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