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Europe of Tomorrow – student’s challenge Eindhoven , Netherlands Public


Event Description

There are many ways to envisage the future of Europe. If we look at the struggles nowm from an economic perspective, we could expect the union to fall apart. There are however other ways of looking at Europe. Institutions, like government, business or universities may have a different view that economists, bankers or our newest generations. This “facebook” or “internet” generation is seen by some as one that is lost, other see them as the generation that is redefining society. Only the generation itself can tell us by participating in this challenge. You become “entrepreneur of your own life”, set up a team and represent a European institution.

The challenge is in a pioneers phase and will be adjusted as participants register, both in duration and content. The game will be played the sustainocratic way, meaning that institutions are involved. The challenge will be annually recuring.

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