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Signing Our Mother Earth Constitution Public


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A New Love Revolution. A New Revolution in Consciousness!!!

Revolution in Consciousness
Our Mother Earth Constitution is a peaceful revolution!

My dear brothers and sisters in the human family,

We are the 99%. We do not care about what our leaders think anymore. It is now up to us children of Mother Earth to change the world!

We are the people of Mother Earth. Our Mother Earth is crying. The children of Mother Earth are crying. Governments, corporations and institutions are not going to change the world for the better. Now, it is up to us people of the Earth to take action to make our lives better.

We have the power to change things. The power of a million voices and a billion hearts can change history! Join us dreamers. The 99% can make the change! Why do we have to be economic slaves to the 1%?

We are at the 11th hour! If we do not take drastic actions, we are headed for ecological and social disaster. The only way for change is through a peaceful internal revolution of the heart, of the mind and of the spirit!

Your single voice support for the Earth Constitution creates a “tipping point” for change and will bring about a global revolution that will sweep across the planet and touch everyone on Mother Earth. Who can stop the roar of a million voices and a billion hearts?

It is time for the people of Mother Earth to join hands in unity for peace, for our children, for our families and for all the inhabitants of Mother Earth.

Let us unite humanity in peace. Let us join hands in love, in compassion, in beauty, in wisdom, in spirit, and in understanding because we are bringing a revolution of the heart, of the mind and of the spirit.

Our Mother Earth Constitution is not just a document, but a living document, with an action plan creating this shift in consciousness! Let us create a shift in consciousness by unleashing the human potential! Support the Earth Constitution by signing up!

We Are All Connected

Our Mother Earth Constitution is based on the spirit of brotherhood/sisterhood of humanity; we are all connected to each other through the Web of Life.

We are all living in a symbiotic relationship with all the inhabitants of Mother Earth.

We all breathe the same air and drink the same water, so the well being of Mother Earth and its inhabitants benefit all of us in one way or another. Furthermore, scientist are just beginning to understand and catch up to what ancient cultures already know, all the inhabitants on this planet are all connected to one another.

Scared Panda Holding Human Leg After Earthquake
Scared panda holding a human after a huge earthquake. We are all connected! If you ever had pets, you know this to be true!

As soon as we are born, bacteria move in. They stake claims in our digestive and respiratory tracts, our teeth, our skin. They establish increasingly complex communities, like a forest that gradually takes over a clearing. By the time we’re a few years old, these communities have matured, and we carry them with us, more or less, for our entire lives. Our bodies harbor 100 trillion bacterial cells, outnumbering our human cells 10 to one. It’s easy to ignore this astonishing fact.We are living ecosystems. We’re basically living in symbiosis with these microbes

Furthermore, we are also connected through a Matrix of Energy, the Taoist call it “Chi”, the Maori call it “Ha”, Buddhist call it “Karma”and now some scientist call it “The Divine Matrix” or “The Big Bang” that connects everything. Literally the universe is us and we are the universe.

True Freedom

Have you ever thought why you hate your job, why you have so much debt, why the banks own you, why some people cannot even get freshwater, why 1% of the people own 99% of the wealth, why you cannot get a fair education, why you cannot get decent health coverage, why you cannot have peace, and why you are unhappy? You are not free, until you have true happiness.

Our Mother Earth Constitution is planting a seed for your prosperity, for your happiness, for your true freedom, for your health, for your well being, and for the well being of all the inhabitants of Mother Earth.

It also creates a shift in thinking from being a citizen of a country to being a citizen of the world by immediately creating a borderless land for peace on Earth without having to sign treaties and is non-political! We do not believe in globalization, nor do we believe in world government.

IMAGINE NATION is a non-political borderless nation that exists everywhere on planet Earth and beyond. The new nation is not based on geo-political borders, but based on common shared values: of peaceful co-existence, the protection of Mother Earth for future generations and on a shared purpose to help one another. Anyone can become a citizen of IMAGINE NATION that shares the abovesaid values by simply signing up to become a citizen.

Global Impact

The revolution will not be felt immediately, but will benefit all the inhabitants of Mother Earth over the next 7 generations. It’s a peaceful internal revolution; a revolutionary accelerated shift in consciousness over time!!!

When in the Course of human events, that humankind with all its ingenuity is able to go to the moon and to send messages through the air at the speed of light, but for millenniums is unable to bring world peace, unable to feed millions that still die from hunger every year, and unable to save our planet from certain ecological disasters caused by human activities, it becomes necessary for the people of mother Earth to come together in unity to take drastic actions and think outside the box.

The Inspiration

The source and inspiration for the Earth Constitution came from the Native American and Indigenous peoples, along with the wisdom of ancient cultures, the knowledge and spiritual wisdom of our ancestors and from John Lennon’s song Imagine. our Mother Earth Constitution is based on the following main understandings: The Great Law of Peace (Iroquois), the US Constitution, The Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and the Universal Declaration of The Rights of Mother Earth.

THE GREAT LAW OF PEACE | HIAWATHA WAMPUM BELT, which is the basis of the US Constitution

Universal Truths

The full text of Our Mother Earth Constitution is kept short, simply and clear. It also contain “Universal Truths” that are contained in the The Sacred Principles of Our Mother Earth Constitution that everyone on the planet will understand! Universal Truth means that it crosses all language barriers, crosses all spiritual barriers, crosses all cultural barriers, and even crosses all scientific barriers because it is coming from a pure heart in harmony with the universe.

We believe the original founder of our Mother Earth Constitution’s is our Creator. The words and inspiration came from the wisdom of our ancestors, with The Great Law of Peace playing a huge in the formation of Our Mother Earth Constitution.

Our Mother Earth Constitution was drafted by Artist David Kam, the founder of the socially conscious art movement called Thinkism (the first fine art movement of the 21st century). Thank you and Miigwetch.


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