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Walking as One Utrecht , Netherlands Public


Event Description

On 12-12-12 will more than 60 clowns walk through the city of Utrecht (Netherlands).
They join people on the street and accompany them for a while. Through warmth and playfulness they try to create an atmosphere of love and connection. Just like that, join someone who is walking for a little while, hand in hand or side by side; singing, having fun or in silence…
The clowns in the city of Utrecht set out to create an atmosphere where people open up, have fun and feel connected. With their playful and intimate way of connecting they reach for peoples’ hearts, luring them out of their daily routine. The clowns not only intent to entertain, they also seek to touch and move people.
Kirsten Lüpke from ClownSpirit conceived and organised Walking as One.
She feels it is her contribution to help create a better world.
“When people don’t feel connected, with themselves, with others, with their environment, it often brings a lot of misery, for people individually, but also on a larger scale,” she says. “When people feel lonely, empty and insignificant, as a result of not feeling connected, they flee into consumerism, and that in turn leads to exploitation of animals, people, the planet, and ourselves. If you look at our planet, it’s obvious that we are not doing well. We are facing big crises and we appear to run out of or mess up what we need most: fresh air, clean water, healthy food. We have come to a cul-de-sac, we can’t continue this way. Our planet and the people on it are exhausted. At this point in time it is very important that we revalue, focussing on what is really important in life: love, connection and a healthy environment. We have to make decisions that fundamentally differ from our past desicions. But people will not do that on a larger scale unless they feel more connected. That’s the philosophy behind “Walking as One”.

There is also a WALKING AS ONE in Hannover (Germany) and maybe in other cities…

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Start Date: Dec 12, 2012 - 10:30End Date: Dec 12, 2012 - 14:30Place: City of UtrechtCategories: 1b-Interactive/Participatory Culture, Related Events: Culture that Heals and Revives the Human Spirit,
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