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Your Pleasure: R.Maya Ife Sensual Wellness Director & Tantric Goddess new york , United States Public

Your Pleasure: R.Maya Ife Sensual Wellness Director & Tantric Goddess

Event Description

This week’s guest is R. Maya Ife, Sensual Director and Tantric Goddess based in NYC. Maya will share her insights and passions with us, revealing ideas and techniques to bring this ancient, sensual form into our every sexual relations.
Maya Ife’ is a mother, healer, designer, minister, philosopher, artist, crafter, creative director and that’s just how she spends her professional time.
Maya is certified in Tantra Yoga and is founder of the Temple Tower Society for Sacred Arts and Sciences. The Temple Tower mission is to help people recall their connection to nature and to the divine through the holy trinity of art, science and spirituality.
Join Ellen and The Temple Tower Society’s Maya Ife this Wednesday 12/12/12 at 5pm PT/8pm ET on the Authentic You Radio Network. Call in toll-free with all your pleasure and sensuality-related questions: 1-877-296-0345 for Ellen and Maya!

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Start Date: Dec 12, 2012 - 08:00End Date: Dec 12, 2012 - 08:30Place: 44 E 32 Street, New York, 10016, USACategories: 1b-Interactive/Participatory Culture, 2a-Community Manifestation/Ceremony, 2b-Community Service, Sharing, 2d-Local/Regional Community, 3-LEARNING EVENT, 3a-Seminar/Learning about Interconnectedness, 3d-Learning from Elders & Nature, 5a-Nature's Rights, 6-HEALTH & INNER BALANCE THEME, 6b-Nature Experience, 6c-Exercise/Movement, 6d-Spirituality/Meditation, 7d-Religion/Church Organizations, I1a-The Science of Interconnected Systems, I2b-Energy Systems, Related Events: The Concert for Sandy Relief, 12-12-12 Travel to your Centre, One World Celebration 12.12.12, 12.12.12 Celebration Party!, 12-12-12 event Healing arts, Meditation for light and love, Signing Our Mother Earth Constitution, National call to pray for the Nation, 12-12-12 Celebrating New Beginnings... , The December 12, 2012, Project for Peace, Celebrating Our Interconnectedness: A Transition US Webinar, Promoting a New Economy that Serves and Connects, Doing Good through Business and Education, Life is Energy - Cherish It! A Day of Conscious Energy Choices, One Minute for Peace – A Ceremony for Interconnectedness, Cultivating Inner Peace for Global Oneness, 12|12|12 Crystal Skull Activation, 12/12/12 High Noon Love Gifting, Cosmic portal ceremonial event, Walking as One, Culture and the brain: Learning our way towards Interconnectedness, 12-12-12 Activation, 12-12-12 World Meditation & Planetary Transmission, CHANGE in Business Event , Beyond the Prophecies 12-12-12 Event , December 2012 Celestial Events , Nurturing Interconnectedness through the Power of Storytelling,
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