What will your contribution be to the Great Party? How will you manifest interconnectedness in your life, home, organization, work…?

The vision of 12-12-12 is to have an infinite variety of manifestations happening all over the world – starting at noon and continuing for the whole day – carried out by individuals, groups, communities, organizations, companies, cities or even countries. What they will have in common is the focus on manifesting an interconnected world in which we live in harmony with ourselves, each other, the natural world and future generations. In short, a world that works for all!

Humanity needs new visions to take a leap beyond the crises of the industrial world – let’s provide it. Let’s make 12-12-12 a beautiful day you will always remember.

You have already declared that you will be a part of the celebration – congratulations! Now you can choose to take a next step and specify how you will participate.

You can do anything:

  • Create a new event with your own unique way of participating in the celebration
  • Participate in existing events, locally or globally, that are open for participation.
  • Invite others to join, perhaps even become a Local Ambassador for your community.

You can be anywhere:

  • In your home, workplace or community – real or online.
  • At your city hall, public library, or main square.
  • In a beautiful place in Nature or in a park or common.

All you need to do, is to share our common intention to celebrate our interconnectedness on 12-12-12, and all the work being done around the world to carry out the Great Turning and co-create a sustainable, just and fulfilling world

Create an Event

You make a difference! No matter if you express yourself as an individual, as a community, company or organization. In a living system – which the world is – it is enough with one little butterfly flapping its wings in one part of the system to cause a storm in another part. So how will you use your wings on 12-12-12? Let’s fly together and inspire the world!

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Attend an Event

You don’t need to invent the wheel once again (unless you want to do it)… Perhaps some of the existing events might fit you as well? It could be one of the events we have highlighted; there you will find a broad variety of themes, organizers and geographical areas. Or any of the other events created by participants around the world that are open for participation. You can join them locally and attend it in person, or globally from where you live. Perhaps you can even make it happen in big scale in your community? Use the search functions here to look at events highlighted by Celebrate 121212 or events created by other participants.

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Invite Others

Give all the people in your different networks, and beyond them, the opportunity to participate and express their stand for living in a way that gives life through participating on World Day of InterConnectedness and celebrate 121212. The story of the event is just as important as the event itself! Spread the good news, both about the 121212 celebration and about humanity’s new understanding of the world as interconnected.

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Become an Ambassador or Co-Host

You are heartily invited to become am Ambassador or local host for 121212. To be an ambassador is about inspiring the people in your region or community to participate, through an event that you organize or through other events, and creating high visibility around the day. At this unique time, it is an opportunity to co-create the future as an agent of change.

You can register as a Ambassador at the bottom of your registration form. Go there now using the button below.

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Some Examples of Events That You Can Create

Here are twelve examples of actions that you can take on in the area where you live, as an individual or an organization, small-scale or big-scale… You don’t need to be an expert or have it turn out perfectly. The important thing is your intention, that you move in the direction you intend and that you learn something from the experience that you can apply next time – and why not have some fun while doing it!?


… A Nature that Nurtures

A healthy ecology provides balance to us as society and as individuals. An important part of the Great Turning is to re-create a respectful relationship to Nature, in a spirit of reciprocity: When you respect and care for Nature, it will nurture you back. This is happening everywhere now, on a big and small scale, through the Declaration of Nature’s Rights, the greening of the cities, the learning about and adaptation to our planet’s ecosystems etc.

Endorse Rights of Nature as a person, community or organization. For instance, have an endorsement ceremony on 12-12-12, write about the rights or request that the local authorities endorse them. Nature’s rights recognizes Nature as a legal person – a global breakthrough in environmental protection, which has been applied by Ecuador and Bolivia as well as several cities in the US as a way of protecting themselves against the federal government’s unreserved support to over-exploitation of local commons by private companies.

Become a Guardian of an Ecosystem. For instance, plant a Tree of Hope, Start a vegetable garden (perhaps based on permaculture), or support the protection or restoration of a green area as an expression of your commitment to a sustainable future where we can live healthy lives in peace with each other, Nature and future generations.

Learn more, share what you learn. For instance, host or attend a workshop by Pachamama Alliance with a hopeful message: Our destructive presence on Earth is not because we are a flawed species. Rather, it is based on misunderstandings – unexamined assumptions – about the world. We have thought of it as a huge machine consisting of separate parts. When we fully learn that it is a living organism, consisting of interconnected systems in which everything impacts everything else, we will naturally change our behaviors according to the new understanding. Then we make peace with Nature – and ourselves.

… A Community that Thrives:

To succeed with the Great Turning and co-create a sustainable, just and fulfilling human presence on Earth, we need thriving local communities with sustainable food production, infrastructure etc. This provides us with a sense of belonging and making a difference: We become part of building a better future. When we only have time to care for our individual lives, we become fragmented and the whole system suffers. On 12-12-12 we celebrate the choice to come together and re-establish healthy communities for our children’s children.

Become a Local Party Coordinator or ambassador of Celebrate121212 and World Inter-Connectedness Day. Become a part of the global team to unleash an uncontrollable prairie fire of co-creativity – the critical mass needed to bring about a positive tipping point. Nothing is as powerful as an idea whose time has come – and we can make it happen!

Start or Join a Local Transition Initiative to move the Great Turning forward where you live. One of the many movements you can join is Transition Towns, a grassroots network of communities that are working to build resilience in response to peak oil, climate destruction, and economic instability. Don’t wait for anyone else to act, take the initiative!

Recognize a Local Earth Hero – an individual, an organization or a company who has contributed to a sustainable, just and fulfilling future of interconnection through a new initiative, a change of direction or in other ways has proven to be a role model. Honor them with a Citizen’s Tribute and make it known throughout the whole municipality.

… An Economy that Connects:

Many say that our current banking and monetary system is dysfunctional, since it doesn’t follow natural laws and turns decent citizens, companies, cities and states into debt slaves. Today the tide is turning and we remember that banks were meant to be servants of societies and markets rather than to a few shareholders. Let’s celebrate and co-create the transfer to an Economy of Gratitude rather than Greed, of Happiness rather than Speed, of Connection rather than Separation. To transform the banking system is to heal the very core of the stress we experience as individuals, societies and as a global eco-system.

Move Your Money – and Your Debts – to commonly owned banks. That means that the interest you pay to the bank will be re-cycled back to the community, instead of feeding a few private owners. Other powerful ways of co-creating a healthy economy is to support local currencies or promote our commons (water, forests, libraries…) that help us connect.

Trade Organic, Local, Ethical… Buy, sell or make organic food, clothing etc. And pay in cash instead of credit card, since electronic transactions siphon money out of your community. Your local merchants lose some of their profit every time you use a card. If you are a company, use the day to commit yourself to becoming certified according to the standard Common Wealth Economy which makes you a leader for a sustainable future.

Share Your Talents for Free, in the spirit of reciprocity, or make 12 small good deeds like handing out 12 flowers to strangers. If you get some revenues, give them away to an organization working for a sustainable, just and fulfilling world. Share whatever talent you have – music, dancing, painting, storytelling – to celebrate our interconnectedness!

… An Energy that Heals

We use energy to continuously co-create our reality in ways that seem meaningful to us. On 12-12-12, we celebrate the shift to renewable energy sources, as well as our choices to create a new sense of meaning that moves us away from wasting energy on addictive consumption patterns and over-exploitation. This new sense of meaning starts with reversing ideas of safety and belonging, from individual accumulation of wealth to reciprocity, interconnectedness and a “community of diversity.” When we reconnect with each other and with Nature, we start using our energy and creativity in ways that heal life instead of destroying it.

Make Conscious Energy Choices to use only sustainable energy and to use it for sustainable aims. Choose food, transports etc with the least energy impact. Take the bus instead of the car. Refrain from purchasing if possible, perhaps give away quality time instead of buying a present. Take the first steps towards having your home produce more energy than it uses. Life is Energy – Cherish It!

Host a Ceremony for Interconnectedness. Ceremonies provide consolation and guidance, they help us build a sense of meaning beyond consumption and competition. They remind us about community and reaffirm our best intentions. A ceremony is an opportunity to express our commitment to have our time on Earth contributing to the healing of Life.

Inner Energy for Outer Peace. Many spiritual teachers have pointed to the power to focus our “inner” energy through intentions and inner practices. On 12-12-12, celebrate and participate in the healing of our world through mindfulness, meditation or thanksgiving for the revelation that the world is and has always been interconnected at heart. Be present to life, to yourself and your emotions, receive and give healing through breathing and body work.

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Help us expand the global celebration, make a difference with your money! Support us to empower people everywhere, not the least our young ones, to discover their power to make a change – to respond to humanity’s greatest challenge ever, not with fear but with love and compassion, inspired by the possibility to co-create the Great Turning and contribute to life and future generations.