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A symposium to Learn about a Sustainable, Just and Connected World

On 12-12-12, we will learn more about our interconnected world, the challenges and the possibilities, through the symposium called …

Place: East Sydney

An Interconnected Lunch – Local, Low-Energy, Organic

On 12-12-12, we will choose a lunch that in the best possible way nurtures a healthy life, a healthy …


Life is Energy – Cherish It! A Day of Conscious Energy Choices

On 12-12-12, we will dedicate ourselves to exploring our energy choices, what they tell us about ourselves and our …


Celebrating the Transition Movement for a Sustainable Future  

On 12-12-12, we will host an event to celebrate the local transition movement towards a world that works for …


Drawing attention to the Rights of Nature and THE EARTH IS MY BODY

On 12-12-12, we will celebrate our connectedness to Nature through drawing attention to the Rights of Nature in our …


Paying Tribute to our Local Eco System

On 12-12-12, we will carry out an event that manifests our pride, responsibility and gratitude for the local eco …

Place: Puerto Ayora - Isla Santa Cruz

The Community Celebrating InterConnectedness Day

On 12-12-12 we will host an event for our community to celebrate interconnectedness, and support and promote all related …


Promoting a New Economy that Serves and Connects

On 12-12-12, our event will promote a new economy which empowers local communities, serves all members of the community, …


Culture that Heals and Revives the Human Spirit

On 12-12-12, we will hold an event at the Guerneville Center of the Center for Sacred Studies that uses …

Place: Guerneville

Cultivating Inner Peace for Global Oneness

On 12-12-12, we will create an opportunity to  pause, listen and become present to the beauty of our interconnected world! …

Place: Pune

Doing Good through Business and Education

On 12-12-12, we will focus our businesses at SEKEM and education at SEKEM and Heliopolis University on “giving back” …

Place: Cairo

One Minute for Peace – A Ceremony for Interconnectedness

On 12-12-12, we will hold a ceremony for Interconnectedness, join us wherever you are in the world to celebrate …

One day on Earth

One Day on Earth

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