Join the Celebration of Earth Community!

Join the global celebration of our interconnected world!

The initiative Celebrate121212 – World Day of InterConnectedness – invites people everywhere to celebrate the simple fact that we are all interconnected and parts of the living eco system called Planet Earth. This is a special opportunity to co-create a truly global event on a unique date, starting at noon in every time zone and continuing for 24 hours. We invite you to participate and to spread the invitation to others as well.The vision of 12-12-12 is to have an infinite variety of manifestations happening all over the world – carried out by individuals, groups, communities, organizations, companies, cities or even countries. The common focus will be to manifest an interconnected world in which we live in harmony with ourselves, each other, the natural world and future generations.

Humanity needs new visions to take a leap beyond the crises generated by the industrial age of separation – let’s provide it! Science has shown us that the world is, in fact, interconnected rather than separated. This new worldview generates new actions that are sustainable, just and fulfilling. Now let’s make sure that the good news reaches everyone everywhere!

Statements of support, endorsements

John Perkins, author of “Confessions of an Economic Hit Man”:

“World Day of Interconnectedness is a magical opportunity for us all to come together, open our hearts and celebrate this new epoch that is so full of hope and love and potential.
I urge you to join in this and celebrate!”

Indigenous Grandmothers Rita Pitka Blumenstein (Alaska), Julieta Casimiro (Mexiko) and Laila Spik (Sweden):

We, Elders of Indigenous people from various parts of the world, have heard about the project World Day of InterConnectedness on 12-12-12. We are inspired by it and feel that it could be an important event to bring people together and celebrate the spirit of One World and One Heart. In the face of the tremendous challenges humanity confront in these days, this kind of event can make a decisive difference in moving us all in the right direction.

Lynne Twist, author of “Soul of Money”:

“12/12/12 is an important day for all of us on earth. 2012 is the year that many indigenous peoples have been waiting for for 4000 years and it is clearly a year of endings and beginnings, transitions and transformations, a year of magic and power. Let’s use this beautiful day -12/12/12 – to deepen our experience of the interconnected nature of all life and end the myth of separation that has given rise to structures and systems that divide us and have us think of ourselves as separate from nature, separate from other species and separate from each other. We exist in the oneness, in the clearing of relatedness, in the grace of the community of life and from there we will create the new world.”

Here is what you can do, in a small or big way – in your home, a park, the city hall…

  • Declare that you will participate without specifying how – if you want you can add it later.
  • You can choose to join existing events, locally or globally, that are open for participation.
  • You can create your own event(s), inspired by others or in your unique style.
  • You can become a Local Ambassador for your community.
  • Let yourself be inspired by the video below with the global declaration of interconnectedness/interdependence
YES on 12-12-12 I will celebrate the World Day of InterConnectedness, as an expression of my commitment to co-create a sustainable, just and fulfilling world.