How was your World Day of InterConnectedness? Here are some stories…

WHAT A DAY – WHAT A CELEBRATION OF 12-12-12! We are so inspired by all of you and the different activities of the day, some of which were taking place in almost all countries worldwide and quite some events that were available through internet for a global reach. Altogether, the activities reached tens of thousands of people. They are inspiring examples of interconnectedness, focusing the world’s attention on the possibility of co-creating a world that works for all.

PLEASE KEEP IN MIND THAT THE STORIES ABOUT THE EVENTS ARE JUST AS IMPORTANT AS THE EVENTS THEMSELVES. Let’s keep the energy alive by spreading the stories of oneness that transform the world. Use your voice to make sure that people can continue to hear about this manifestation and be touched by it for a long time forward. Now it is time for us to move from being consumers of news to being the co-creators of the good news. And use your “like” button to support the stories you read to create even more attention around them!

SO PLEASE SHARE YOUR STORY – WHAT DID YOU DO, HOW WAS IT AND WHAT DO YOU BRING FROM THE DAY? Share it at the bottom of this blog post with a link to your event, in the comments fields on your Event page, or on the Facebook page. We would love to see your photos, videos, links or any other documentation… If you organized an event, you can upload photos to the “Event update” field, or embed a video there (if you use the video link field, be sure to follow the instructions). Otherwise, please add the photos to a message on the FB page.

HERE ARE JUST A FEW OF THE VOICES WE HAVE RECEIVED, from people organizing and participating in the events:

- Monica D. Reynoso Gaute, intinetwork.tv, Ecuador: “In Guayaquil we in Inti Network participated in a major festival coinciding with the day of the Virgin of Guadalupe (Mexico) and her messages of connectedness… The celebration consisted of a wonderful and solemn mass which included mariachis, meditation, chanting, photo displays, prayers, sharing bread under the stars, plus speeches and much joy and celebration… Over 300 people attended. At the office we were very aware of the interconnectedness that we had posted on our website and social networks, etc. Many people were following these events from home (meditation).”

- Marianne Påsse, facilitator of the Be The Change Symposium, Sweden: “We organized a meeting with change agents in our part of Sweden. We started by visiting a local farmer who provides our ecovillage with organic food – a great example of being connected to the land and the community. Afterwards we had a warm and intimate dialogue about interconnectedness and what it means on many levels: To be connected with yourself, others, nature etc… We reflected on our personal contributions to this ‘web of life’, what our next steps will be. It was very enriching to meet with other co-creators and grow together, like a revival of the heart.”

- Valerie, Janis and Jyoti, Center for Sacred Studies, California, USA: “The evening of 12/12/12 World Interconnectedness was truly magical.  We started with an intro to what this day signified and listed some of the places in the World that also were having celebrations.  We then spent the rest of the evening truly immerse in ‘Culture that revives and heals the human spirit’.   We sang songs together from all of the world.  We drummed and made music that was powerful beyond measure and everyone could feel it. Then the painting  ‘Prayers for the Children of the World’ was unveiled  Here is a link. We then had poetry readings that were just perfect for this event and definitely felt divinely orchestrated.”

THANK YOU FROM OUR HEARTS for taking the opportunity of celebrating 12-12-12!

In celebration of our InterConnected Earth Community,

For the InterConnectedness teams in Sweden and the Netherlands,

Niklas & Maria-Conchita Högberg, Leo Sonneveld


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