Let’s Stay Connected – Celebrate Earth Community!

IN HONOR OF ALL OF YOU PEOPLE who have put your hearts and energy into celebrating World Day of InterConnectedness 12-12-12, we have reflected on how to keep the spirit alive, build further on this increasing consciousness of interconnectedness and translate it into our daily lives. This is why we have decided to transform the website, step by step, into a meeting place for the ongoing exploration, co-creation and celebration of our interconnected Earth Community, as it unfolds through the thinking and actions of millions of people around the world.

12-12-12 CAN BE VIEWED AS A SYMBOL OF COMPLETION OF THREE AGES OF HUMANITY: The hunter/gatherer age in which nature was seen as the dominant system, the agricultural age where civilizations and human societies emerged as the overarching systems and the modern industrial society in which the economy has governed everything else. Now we have the opportunity to learn from all of these experiences and integrate them into building a sustainable, just and fulfilling human presence on this planet.

WHILE WE ARE WELL AWARE OF THE MANY CHALLENGES FACING HUMANITY in these times of transition, we firmly believe in the power of vision that can guide us as humans, keep our hearts open and empower us over and over again to choose being part of the Great Turning from separation to oneness. This can be manifested in a diversity of activities, such as resisting what is harmful and destructive, or building new structures like green sprouts in our unbalanced world, or nourishing the emerging interconnectedness consciousness. This website honors all of these actions as equally important contributions to the common vision.

ONE WAY OF EXPRESSING THE VISION OF THIS CO-CREATIVE INITIATIVE IS TO MANIFEST A WORLD THAT WORKS FOR ALL. We are curious about what this vision would mean to you personally and how you see it happen? What would be possible if nature sets the conditions and boundaries for human societies that are being served by our economies – not the other way around? Everyone has valuable perspectives to offer and we are sure you have too. Please share yours here and in other forums where you are participating.

THIS WEBSITE WILL BE A PLACE WHERE WE ALL CAN KEEP INSPIRING EACH OTHER and learning from each other through all our different activities carried out in a spirit of interconnectedness. It will be a place where we can all contribute to the development of the vision of an interconnected Earth Community – or whatever we prefer to call it – and explore the different aspects such as the “seven pillars” in the link library (which will become more interactive in a near future).

WORLD DAY OF INTERCONNECTEDNESS 12-12-12 WAS AN AMAZING MANIFESTATION at a crucial point in time. Now we look forward to continuing the journey, and we invite you from our hearts to share it with us. We will let you know about the development and we appreciate any suggestions or contributions.

Thank you for the difference you are making, for the gift you are to the world.

For the InterConnectedness teams in Sweden and the Netherlands,

Niklas & Maria-Conchita Högberg, Leo Sonneveld

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