We had pending legislation back in 2013 in Washington State that would have stopped false marketing of plumbing services towards the customer by those that were not licensed but… we in no way got it passed. The purpose it failed was that nobody however the cheaters had any interest in the bill.

Lack of successful plumber license enforcement in Washington State is transforming a skilled licensed trade into a industrial con game costing consumers and skilled craftsmen dearly.

The Difficulties Affecting Licensed Plumbers and Plumbing Contractors:

1. Unlicensed Plumbers – ineffective enforcement of plumber licensing

two. Fake Plumbing Firms – Common Contractors Marketing Plumbing Solutions

three. The cost of Marketing – Is extremely higher due to unfair competition from the unlicensed

4. Lack of Customer Awareness – They don’t understand that real plumbers are a licensed trade. (Drain cleaners will not be plumbers)

five. Other trades wishing to carry out plumbing solutions – i.e. Builders, General Contractors plus the HVAC trades

The plumbing trade is usually a regulated sector in Washington State. All plumbing perform have to be performed by these with a certificate of expertise; in other words – a license. Over time there can been a concerted work by those not in the plumbing trade to violate the law that restricts who may perhaps engage within the trade. The attack on the plumber and the plumbing contractor has come from many directions.

There’s not one enemy in the licensed plumber, but a lot of. The most important root trigger in the plumber license losing credibility and value over time may be the passivity and inattention in the licensed plumber. As a rule, after we’ve the license in our hand we never assume significantly about it besides to complain about the renewal costs or the imposition of the continuing education requirement.

A plumber license represents years of study, certified education and official permission to engage inside a regulated profession. The dictionary defines license as “a permission granted by competent authority to engage within a enterprise or occupation or in an activity otherwise unlawful”. A license excludes other people by law.

If enforcement of a law is weak or ineffective – nobody will obey the law.

Now the plumbing industry is beneath attack from those that wish to become engaged inside the small business of plumbing with out a license. The sad reality is the fact that there hasn’t been a lot resistance from these of us which can be most affected i.e. licensed plumbers, plumbing contractors and home owners. The plumbing industry has been invaded by anybody that wants to represent themselves as plumbers without the need of the license since nobody has had a keen interest inside the enforcement of plumber licensing.

Who is violating licensing laws? Answer: Anyone who wants to…

The following trades and enterprises all advertise plumbing solutions currently – successfully violation of existing law:

1. Rooter providers with no licensed plumbers or only a token plumber

two. Basic contractors marketing plumbing services

3. Plumber trainees that abandon their coaching and promote as contractors

4. Handymen with or devoid of contractor registration

5. Fraudulent web site plumbing firms with fake registrations

6. HVAC organizations marketing water heater sales and installations

7. Water heater businesses advertising installation of water heaters

eight. Hardware shops offering Water Heater Repair El Cajon heater installations

9. Developing upkeep service providers delivering plumbing repairs.

10. Retail Shops – Household Depot, Lowe’s

11. Marketing Providers with fake internet websites selling leads

12. Third Celebration Referral Solutions that promote plumbing organizations with no licenses

13. Website re-sellers

14. Amazon is now selling plumbing services on their website (2016)

It truly is a extended list…

As a licensed plumber for more than thirty 5 years, I’ve to admit that I had no thought how easily my license could develop into a worthless piece of paper until I saw my telephone traffic drop off and prospects demanding that we match quotes from unlicensed competitors. I didn’t realize that the worth of a license is primarily based solely upon what other people feel it to become. It is like income. Dollars is just a piece of paper with ink on it. It only has value should you and I agree that it has some representative value. A few hundred years ago a dollar was a day’s wages. Right now a dollar might acquire you a day-old doughnut. That dollar bill is only worth what we are prepared to trade it for. My father described Italians during the Second Globe War hauling lira in wheelbarrows to exchange at the bank to get a handful of US dollars.

My worry right now is that our plumber licenses will probably be worthless quickly and we won’t even notice until it’s too late. The home owners never understand that plumbers need licenses so the license is worth absolutely nothing to them. The rooter corporations advertise plumbing having a contractor registration as cover (anybody can get a contractor registration) – the public assumes a contractor registration can be a license. They do not know the difference because the rooter corporations, and other folks, have aggressively been substituting “plumbing technicians” rather than plumbers for many years.

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