Sexy Design

New designs and latest trends from Europe are part of our offering for Autumn 2019. Natural fabrics and materials form an ever increasing part of our range. We focus on sustainable rainforest sources in the production of our furniture as we believe strongly in the environment.

Right now the colours most in favour in Europe are greys. In wall papering these are simple straight line designs. So for a room we have often light grey on the top wall matched with stripes on the lower part. The carpet will be a darker grey for regular use and the settee will be in 3 shades of grey. It may be taking thing too far, but even curtains and furniture are also in toning greys. Often the movement will fall away rapidly but right now it is in fashion.

A quick leafing through of house and home magazines clearly emphasises the popularity of these colour combinations. We travel to the big exhibitions in london to ensure a unique look for living –, our customers.

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