Eagle and Condor 3

VIDEO: The Eagle and the Condor – A Prophecy of Our Times

This is an powerful and inspirational story about the indigenous prophecy of the Eagle and the Condor, and the possibility of our times to create a world in balance through a profound meeting between the modern materialistic worldview – the Eagle – and the more spiritually oriented indigenous cultures seeing the interconnectedness of all things – the Condor. It is up to all of us to take this opportunity and act on it.

As humanity, we have now given ourselves the greatest challenges ever experienced. This means that in facing those challenges and embracing the possibilities, we can live the most meaningful lives that any generation has ever lived.

The video is created by Pachamama Alliance, a partner to the organizers of World Day of InterConnectedness. Through their educational programs – of which many symposiums were arranged around the world on 12-12-12 – they convey the views of the indigenous people, especially the Achuar people of Ecuador.

We display this video in honor of all the people who contributed with their hearts and energy to World Day of InterConnectedness 12-12-12, and in gratitude to the Achuars and other indigenous groups that have inspired and empowered us through their leadership for a sustainable, just and fulfilling world for all.

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On behalf of the InterConnectedness teams in Sweden and the Netherlands

Niklas & Maria-Conchita Högberg, Leo Sonneveld

The Eagle and the Condor from The Pachamama Alliance on Vimeo.

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