The Secret to Social Marketing Using Facebook Fan Pages

Also, be skeptical of links posted on your wall that don’t seem legitimate. As with any other popular place, Facebook (and other social-networking sites) have its share of scammers. You can find these usually in the form of spam e-mail and random messages posted to your wall. Stay safe by not opening any links or files or Facebook messages from folks you don’t know.

Facebook is truly a dream come true for the Internet marketer, but in order to make the most of it, you need to use what Facebook has given you to work with. 175 million log in to the service every day. Over 400 million active users from all over the world are on Facebook, according to data current at the time of this writing.

Without these tools you won’t get as far and it would be much more difficult to reach your goals. Automation and outsourcing combined are the ultimate weapon that will bring your online business to the next level. Try to start small and work your way up to a huge online marketing empire.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – Considering we have no idea what Google will be doing to rank your website, the best thing you can do is optimize your on and off site content on a daily basis. ” Web designers then began using other tactics to attract that ever elusive Google spider. 0 sites were making their debut and your company needed a Facebook page and you had to learn a weird and archaic “Tweet” language to stay relevant. About the same time Web 2. Now in 2014 those same rules apply but as we are witnessing the evolution of SEO we must adapt to change to secure our website’s validity into the future. Not too long ago web designers loaded their sites with keywords hoping to attract Google’s spider and then in the late 2000′s Google essentially said, “Hey guys we changed our algorithm and are no longer putting that much emphasis on keywords. This means keeping up with internet trends, innovations in web design, and constantly keeping your finger on the pulse of your competition.

These are the main identified reasons on which Facebook can base itself to decide about Barring or Banning an account, but this list is not exhaustive and by the Rules and Regulations of Facebook usage, there could be more complex situation when the Social Platform bots and admins may decide upon the fate of an account.

However, smaller businesses and marketers (like most internet bloggers and affiliates) are behind the curve on this one because of the previous complexity involved in setting up social media campaigns, testing them, and of course the time involved in all of this. It simply left many, if not most of them, on the outside looking in.

Once you do this, you’ll receive friend requests, messages, status updates on your cell phone If however, you have “Facebook Fever,” you can open the door for nonstop updates by going to the “Mobile” tab and activating your cell phone.

Many blogs can easily be incorporated into both LinkedIn and facebook post script. There’s nothing wrong with featuring your blog on Facebook and LinkedIn; in fact, I would recommend you do this, so the people you’re connected to on these platforms don’t have to go to your blog to see what’s happening with you.

Fans may forget to check your blog regularly, and a reminder when new content is up could be just what they need to take a look at it. If you blog, Facebook can help you get the word out when you put up new content. Simply write up a post and direct people to visit it.

* Adding links to your wall: A simple WordPress plugin allows you to automatically add links to your blog posts or other updated website content to your Facebook wall. However, you’ll need to check to make sure that your blog’s theme includes support for featured images or the plugin may not work as planned.

Just like the sites themselves experienced a phenomenal growth rate when they first launched, now that their marketing potential has been recognized marketers of every size are clamoring for an opportunity to tap into the enormous audience of laser targeted consumers.

Facebook has become a dominant social network in America and abroad. It’s brand extends as far as Europe, China, Australia, South America and other neighboring countries. These computer giants know Facebook is the next big thing. Why else did Google and Yahoo! fight for their own chance at Facebook glory? Why else would Microsoft pay an amazing two hundred and forty million dollars for a small piece of this pie?

You might also want to turn off your Facebook notifications when you’re not actively using it – and simply log off the site to eliminate the temptation to check it constantly. Once you get used to using Facebook in a more sensible way, it’s like having more time in the day – and as a business owner, that means more money in your pocket.

However, there are ways to automate some of your social media efforts that do not detract from cultivating your authentic personality and voice when it comes to your online presence. Automation is all about leveraging your time and energy, but often you will hear people say that this goes against the whole idea of social media being about building and nurturing relationships.

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