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WDI 121212 gaining momentum

We are very happy to share that during the last weeks, we have seen that the World Day of Interconnectedness 12-12-12 celebration is gaining momentum. The traffic on the website is multiplying. New organizers are joining from Galapagos, USA, Sweden, the Netherlands, Egypt, UK, Isla Santa Cruz, India, Hong Kong as well as some webinars accessible worldwide are being offered. One example of an event is a release party with a children’s picture book about interconnectedness. In addition, there will be a Pre-launch of an “Earth Constitution” developed by an international network called Imagine Nation. Read more about the events here.

We have received additional endorsements and support from the Shift Network, that will host another global event on December 22. Here is an endorsement from Lynne Twist, author of “The Soul of Money” and co-founder of Pachamama Alliance: “12/12/12 is an important day for all of us on earth. 2012 is the year that many indigenous peoples have been waiting for for 4000 years and it is clearly a year of endings and beginnings, transitions and transformations, a year of magic and power. Let’s use this beautiful day -12/12/12 – to deepen our experience of the interconnected nature of all life and end the myth of separation that has given rise to structures and systems that divide us and have us think of ourselves as separate from nature,  separate from other species and separate from each other. We exist in the oneness, in the clearing of relatedness, in the grace of the community of life and from there we will create the new world.”

 Let’s make 12-12-12 a positive day we will always remember

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