World Day of InterConnectedness – A Message of Hope

THERE IS A COMMON THEME among the events occuring on 12-12-12, and among the people participating in the day: They are representing hope for humanity, bringing good news about the possibility of co-creating an interconnected Earth Community where we can live in harmony with Nature, each other and ourselves. Thank you for being one of these people, for helping focusing the world’s attention on these issues.
IN THE MIDST OF OUR ECOLOGICAL, social, spiritual and economic crises - the unintended results of our “modern” industrial age – a new worldview is emerging, confirmed by both modern science, indigenous cultures and spiritual traditions. It shows that everything is connected biologically, chemically and atomically – we are linked together in interconnected, complex living systems.
STEP BY STEP, the new understanding generates new behaviors, solutions and ways of managing our socities and organizations that are more sustainable, just and fulfilling for all. This is a phenomenon emerging under the radar of our mainstream media. The intention of World Day of InterConnectedness is to bring out the good news to anyone who gets in touch with the message of the day.
THROUGH THE PROJECTS REGISTERED ON THE WEBSITE – which are still just a part of everything that is happening on 121212 - tens of thousands of people in hundreds of activities will manifest the spirit of interconnectedness in many areas such as sustainable business and new economy, environmental protection, peace manifestations, cultural performances, seminars, media and internet webinars as well as ceremonies and meditations.
- In the event “Walking as One“, more than 60 clowns will walk through the city of Utrecht (Netherlands), accompany people and create an atmosphere of love and connection.
- The Be The Change Symposium (Awakening the Dreamer) is being offered in Australia and many other countries. It empowers people to become effective change agents in these times of transition.
- The company SEKEM in Egypt, involved in biodynamic agriculture and organized as an “organism” in balance with its environment, focuses the day on “giving back” to the society.
- Fundación Galapagos will pay tribute to their local eco system – the unique world heritage in Ecuador, the first country to endorse Rights of Nature in its constitution.
- The Public Banking Institute in USA will arrange a global conference call about an economy that serves and connects people, with banks serving the common good instead of a few owners.
- The virtual event “Life is Energy – Cherish It“, coordinated from HongKong, inspires people to make conscious choices about energy use, through presenting the theme in playful and creative ways.
- Indigenous Elders of Peru will lead ceremonies at Lake Titicaca, one of their ancient sacred places, to show gratitude for life and connect with a new dream for humanity.
- In India, Pragati Leadership coordinates a global peace meditation, “Cultivating Inner Peace for Global Oneness” where people can become present to the beauty of our interconnected world.
Let’s make 12-12-12 a positive day we will always remember!

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