Press Release

World Day of InterConnectedness to be Celebrated on 12-12-12

On December 12, 2012, the world will celebrate the simple fact that we are all interconnected and we are all parts of one living system called Planet Earth. During 24 hours starting at noon in every time zone, this will be manifested in a multitude of events on every continent, carried out by individuals, groups, communities, organizations, businesses and cities. It will be a truly global event on a unique date with people participating in their homes, in parks or in the city square, through concerts, ceremonies, seminars or on-line events.

The World Day of Interconnectedness serves as a joyful reminder that we as humans share the same origins – we are even related to other species – as well as the same destiny on ‘spaceship’ Earth. What we do to one part of the system affects everything else, our influence is greater than we have thought. This is in fact good news: Just in the same way we have caused the global crisis of our times, we can co-create a sustainable, just and fulfilling world.

The message of interconnectedness is now heard from a wide range of sciences such as ecology, biology, physics, brain research, psychology and sociology. This understanding is very different from the old worldview of the industrial age, in which we perceived the world as a big machine with separate parts. Some claim that the shift in thinking we are currently going through as humanity, is just as profound as when the earth ‘became’ round.

“When our worldview shifts, our thinking, choices and actions change accordingly,” says 121212 co-founder Niklas Högberg, Sweden. He continues: “The sense of being part of a living, complex and interconnected system fosters a deep respect for all expressions of life, which in turns dampens tendencies to over-consumption and over-exploitation. We can no longer view nature as merely resources.”

Co-founder Leo Sonneveld adds “The consciousness of interconnectedness results in a drive to do good for the whole. On a practical level this means that we choose to act with integrity, leaving everything whole and unharmed. This shapes a world that works for all.”

One manifestation of this emerging worldview is The Rights of Nature, today embraced by Ecuador and Bolivia as well as several cities in the US and around the world. Some of the events on 121212 will focus on these rights. Others will highlight the preservation of local eco systems, among them Galapagos, or sustainable solutions in the fields of energy or economy. Businesses will set aside part of their profits to environmental or social projects, and create plans to produce with zero waste. Restaurants and canteens will serve lunches of local and organic food, and at the tables people will discuss what the new worldview means in practice. Seminars will be offered on the opportunity to co-create a sustainable future.

World Day of InterConnectedness is carried out as a collaboration between the Co-Creative Initiative in Sweden and the InterConnectedness Foundation in the Netherlands, who initiated and organized the previous World Days of Interconnectedness on 090909, 101010 and 111111. While it is a non-profit, non-political and non-religious initiative, it is inclusive and open to any organization, company or individual wishing to share and contribute to the purpose of the day.

Resources for Educators/Teachers

To be an educator or teacher provides you with a unique opportunity to guide the young generation in integrating the new interconnected worldview that science of all areas provides us with. It is like downloading a new “operating system” for humanity – an operating system that emphasizes the interconnectedness of the world, rather than the old idea of separation that built the industrial age and the modern world. This emerging worldview has the potential to improve psychological wellbeing through providing a sense of belonging.Today, there is an opportunity to combine the best experiences of the modern age, its technological achievements and use of natural resources, with the latest scientific findings – as well as ancient wisdom – that describe the world as living systems in which everything relates to everything else. This understanding fosters a deeper respect for all forms of life, a stronger sense of responsibility for our eco systems and societies, as well as behaviors that naturally contribute to a sustainable, just and fulfilling world.Here follows some examples of what you can do to highlight interconnectedness from the perspectives of different subjects and disciplines – just as some inspiring “food for thoughts” (see also links below):

  • Humanities: Organize an essay and/or poetry competition on the interconnectedness theme.
    Explore the evolution of worldviews through the hunter/gatherer age, the agricultural age, the modern age and the postmodern age of “interconnectedness.” Discuss how interconnectedness is mirrored in religions, or how human consciousness is connected to the surrounding world…
  • Natural sciences: Study interconnectedness at macro level, with the same laws of physics applied everywhere in universe, and micro level such as Bell’s theorem. Or focus on the eco systems which we are part of, or the collective intelligence of imaginal cells in a caterpillar, or the holistic orientation of the right brain, or how we learn from nature through biomimicry…
  • Social sciences: Discuss the interconnectedness between the individual and the society, the possibility to co-create positive change through social processes, study examples from history or from other cultures such as indigenous cultures.
  • Economy: What would an economy look like that is based on natural laws – as distinct from eternal growth on a limited planet – and serves our societies instead of running them?
  • Mathematics: Explore the fascinating worlds of fractal geometry, chaos theory or the implications of the golden ratio in our daily life… What does it say about interconnectedness?

Please go to Resources > Other links to find more information about these different ideas. Or try these links where you can find materials specifically designed for educational purposes:

Pachamama Alliance – Great Educational Materials:

Yes Magazine – Educative and Inspiring Articles:

Oneness Project – Multimedia Kit for Educators:

Minnesota University – A Great Guide to Interconnected Systems:

Involve the Whole School in a Transition Project:

Biomimicry in Education:

About Being a 121212 Ambassador/Co-Ordinator/(Local Host

You are heartily invited to become an ambassador for the celebration of World Day of InterConnectedness. To be an ambassador is about inspiring the people in your region or community to participate, while spreading the good news about our Interconnected world. At this unique time, it is an opportunity to co-create the future as an agent of change – to make a difference for a sustainable, just and fulfilling world for all. Put more simply, it is just a wonderful way of sharing your heart and inviting others to do the same.There are several things you can do:

  • Invite your network of relationships and ask them to spread it even further.
  • Organize a local InterConnectedness event for the community.
  • Send out a press release – the story about the event is just as important as the event itself.
  • Let yourself be interviewed in newspapers, in radio etc, sharing the message of the event.
  • Create posters, badges… Anything that draws attention to the event and the message.

Here are some ideas of what you can include in an InterConnectedness Event:

  • Hold a ceremony intended to manifest the Interconnectedness of our world.
  • Invite local artists to share their talents as a contribution to the day.
  • Invite the participants to share their own favorite poems, songs, quotes etc.
  • Read the short version of the Interconnectedness Manifesto (coming soon).
  • Recognize a local Earth Hero – honor her, him or them with a Citizen’s Tribute.
  • If students have been invited to an essay/poetry competition, you can announce the winner.

Who you are being is just as important as what you do:

  • “Be the space” for the event to happen, keep generating an inspiring and inviting vision.
  • Be a passionate learner about interconnectedness, and share what you learn.
  • Be the Change you want to see in the world, explore how to live Interconnectedness.
  • Share our values about inclusiveness, diversity, co-creativity, Human & Nature’s Rights.
  • Be a role model through your stand, inspired action and willingness to learn from mistakes.

In short: Have fun!

There is no wrong way to be an ambassador and do the work, as long as you are standing rooted in our common purpose and values. There are only opportunities to learn and grow – every time you reach your goal, or don’t reach your goal, or make mistakes… Also, take the opportunity to invite others to co-create this together with you, that’s more fun. Ask for help, you don’t need to do everything by yourself – we live in an interconnected world, remember?

Even if this initiative is non-profit, non-political and non-religious, it is open to businesses, political parties and churches that wish to share the purpose of the day – we are all part of our interconnected human and planetary web. And talking about profit… You may or may not choose to have an entrance to your event; if you choose to have it, you might consider using some of the profit for an idea related to interconnectedness – that’s up to you to decide.

We will send out more ideas, resources and inspiration to you as a local ambassador or “host of celebration.” We would be delighted to have you as partner and co-creator of this!

Warm regards,
Niklas Högberg and the InterConnectedness team

InterConnectedness in Practice

This page is dedicated to share examples of putting awareness of interconnectedness into practice. Many of us already do a good job and still have a desire to increasingly translate the sense of interconnectedness into daily action. 090909, 101010 and 11.11.11   were a culmination, a day where we collectively showed each other that a loving and caring world is realistic. 12.12.12 is the fourth opportunity to do this together on a world wide scale.

Please let us know how you do it and inspire others to follow your example! Tell a friend.

Ecological sustainabilityWaking up and staying awakeBeing careful using water, energy, and foodBeing mindful with waste (there is no away)Connecting with naturePracticing sufficiencyManufacturing by cradle to cradle design principlesBuying green energy

Eating vegetarian more often

People, Planet, Profit Policy as daily practice

Considering trees as treasures instead of resources

Buying locally grown food

Minimising transport

Implementing zero waste policy

Knowing our capabilities as a co-creator

Recognise our purpose in life

Including ecology in Corporate Governance

Being the Change

Copying nature for design purposes

Live by the values and principles of the Earth Charter

Live by principles of the Charter for Compassion

See short video of Findhorn Community where people live ecologically sustainable, socially just andspiritually fullfilling

Write a letter addressed to your country’s President or Head of State. Say why you would like your country to adopt Rights of Nature


Social justiceWaking up and staying awakeVoting on political party that actively supports social justiceWorking as a volunteerSupporting good causes financiallyPracticing sufficiencyLetting others benefit from my relative wealthBuying fair trade products

Provide free coaching for those who cannot afford but need it

People, Planet, Profit Policy as daily practice

Acting with integrity

Creating job experience opportunities regardless of formal education

Considering people as treasures instead of resources

Listening with the heart

Knowing our capabilities as a co-creator

Recognise our purpose in life

Everyone to realize their fullest potential

Living in Love, Joy and Peace

Include social justice in Corporate Governance

Letting your choices demonstrate your care for others

Being the Change

Integrating CSR principles in core of your business (processes)

Implementing Key Social Indicators

Live by the values and principles of the Earth Charter

Live by values and principles of the Charter for Compassion

See short video of Findhorn Community where people live ecologically sustainable, socially just and

spiritually fullfilling


Existential FulfillmentWaking up and staying awakeGiving without expecting something backPracticing forgiveness silentlySeeing destructive behavior as a call for loveRespond to destructive behavior with loveSeeing conflict as a cry for intimacyDeveloping discernment where my  motives come from: persona, shadow, Self

Taking a stand to act for the good of the whole

Practicing sufficiency

Helping people to reconnect

Speaking and listening from the heart

Being of service

Being kind to yourself and others

Helping to bring world peace by practicing forgiveness yourself and sharing the experience with others

Asking for guidance

Being aware that anger is never justified

Choosing to act from love instead of fear

Changing your own mind instead of trying to change others

Seeing everything in the world as either an expression of love or a call for love

Creating instead of reacting

Allowing the feelings and beliefs of others

Giving up judging

Being love


Getting still

Enjoying inner silence

Knowing our capabilities as a co-creator

Recognise our purpose in life

Experiencing absolute certainty and trust

Inspiring others to be and see Love

Allowing what is, not knowing your own best interest.

Being the Change

Making heart connection

Moving from blame to forgiveness

Embracing reality as a consequence and a mirror of your own judgment

Live by the values and principles of the Earth Charter

Live by principles of the Charter for Compassion

See short video of Findhorn Community where people live ecologically sustainable, socially just and spiritually fullfilling

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